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HXJQ Launched Special Sand Maker for New Granite

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 24 Sep 2012 05:31:12

The granite formed into the igneous rock below the earth surface is a kind of magma, whose main ingredients are feldspar and quartz. Granite is plutonic rock, which often can form good visual differentiable mineral grain. Granite is not easy to weathering and its color is beautiful, whose color and luster can keep one hundred years, and because of its high hardness resistance to abrasion, it is also used for construction, railway, highway, hall and the ground besides being used for outdoor sculpture.


Granite has good natural advantages and unique developing opportunity of national economy, this is not enough, we must consider the investment and selection of sand production line of granite system from the point of cost and investment. In the crushing system of sand production line, if the demand of the customer for the stone grain type is not high, we can use two stage jaw broken scheme for production, which not only is the most simple maintenance scheme and the lowest investment, but also whose cost is the most economic. But the shortcomings of the scheme are bad grain type and higher percentage of needle plate. That is the reason why the aggregate in the market is not high, because the high-level building construction needs the excellent aggregate.

We can use the combination of jaw crusher and impact crusher in order to improve the type of the grain stone (multi cube), the cost of the combination of the two crushers is a little higher than the two stage crushing, but the production type of the stone grain is much better. Because the granite is belonging to the material which is difficult to be crushed, so we should choose one machine whose ability of standing wear and tear is high, and the impact crusher is corresponding to the condition. Because the granite has one property of brittleness, so the scheme can be acceptable.

We need to add a laminated crusher between the jaw crusher and impact crusher in order to realize the results of excellent product type and low cost, such as tertiary impact crusher and cone crusher. The configuration can make the main crushing work being finished by the first and second crushing, and the impact crusher can finally finish the production line for integer crushing, which can greatly reduce the reverse material formed after being screened. If the proportion of reverse material is high in a production line, which will make the last crushing machine bearing much more working pressure of repetition work, and at the same time, which also will make the loss of standing wear and tear being increased.

The production line of granite made by Zhengzhou Hongixng absorbs the international famous conception of design according to the aggregate needed by the market, whose performance has reached the international level and owns the excellent ability of stone shaping, which has been accepted as the best machinery and equipment at home and abroad. With the application and implementation of the national1025 construction, the production line of granite will have a much better and brighter opportunities and have a much more prosperous market.

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