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Camfrog FAQ about Hongxing sand maker

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 13 Apr 2012 06:03:32

Sand making machine is playing a more and more important role in engineering construction. Transportation, building facilities, water conservancy project, etc. cannot do without sand making machine. The wear of sand making machine will lead to a series of problems that affect its working efficiency. Henan Hoxngxing will give you a simple analysis on the common problems of sand making machine as following:


Reasons: severe abrasion of the impeller, oversize granularity of feeding material, obstructions in the floe channel of impeller.

Solutions: the replacement of impeller, the reduction of granularity when feeding materials, and the remove of obstruction.

2. Oversize granularity of the discharging products:

Reasons: loose vee belt, unreasonable adjustment of discharging gate, rotary speed of the impeller

Solutions: check the degree of tightness of vee belt; adjust the discharging gate and rotary speed to its ideal standard.

3. Excessive idling resistance:

Reason: there is material clogging inside the sealed cover of bearings

Solution: remove the clogging material in the bearing and check the relevant parts to see if there is material clogging.

4. The heat of bearings:

Reasons: bearings lack of fuel, there is fine powder in the bearings or bearings failure

Solutions: refuel the bearings to lubricate, clean or replace new bearings.

5. Metal collision when working:

Reasons: the liner or impeller gets looser or the wearing off of other parts

Solutions: check the whole machine, tighten or replace relevant components.

Henan Hoxngxing is the bellwether sand making machine manufacturer in domestic, and the sand making machine it produces is of reliable quality, high working efficiency, and stable performance. The sand making machine can be widely used in all kinds of major engineering projects, large-scale water conservancy construction, building, road paving and other areas which need great amount of sand aggregates. The sand making machine of Henan Hoxngxing features energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency and its sand making efficiency is improved 30%, its energy conservation reaches up to 35% compared with the traditional sand making machine. Henan Hoxngxing sand making machine is an updating equipment and has won good reputation at home and abroad markets.

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