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Application of Hammer Crusher in Blast Furnace Slag

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 07 Sep 2012 06:02:20

The blast furnace slag is a kind of waste residue that is discharged from the blast furnace when smelting the cast iron. It is a fusible mixture and can be processed with various processing techniques to be precious materials with many purposes.


Now the blast furnace slag has become an excellent energy-saving and environmental-friendly building material and it can be processed as grain slag, slag gravel and swell bead. In addition to be sued for producing cement, as concrete aggregate, road-building material, roadbed material and wall material, it can also be used for producing cast stone, glass ceramics, mineral cotton, ceramics and agricultural fertilizer, so that it is widely applied in many industries such as metallurgy, ship-building, chemistry and construction.

As is known to all, the ring hammer crusher manufactured by Hongxing Machinery is very suitable for crushing all kinds of medium-hard brittle materials with weak abradability like blast furnace slag, and what is more, this machine can adjust the gap of the grid section according to the requirement of the customers so as to change the granularity of the discharging materials, thus satisfying the requirements of materials with different purposes. In addition, the ring hammer crusher can be used for crushing fiber structure, elastic and tough broken wood and paper and for crushing the wastes of the asbestos cement in order to collect the asbestos fiber.

Hongxing Machinery is one of the high-tech enterprises in China specializing in manufacturing Raymond mill, crushing equipment and their accessories. In the process of more than twenty years of technical sediment and accumulation, our company ensures the leading position in the mining machinery industry. In accordance with the principle of upright, diligent, grateful and responsibility, our company provides all-round services for our customers home and abroad and helps the better and fast development of the recycle business of the blast furnace slag.

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