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Correctly Selecting Hammer Weight Improves Crushing Efficiency of Hammer Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 09 Nov 2012 10:36:52

As is known to all, the crushing efficiency of hammer crusher is related to many factors, and today we are going to focus on the influence of the weight of the hammer of the hammer crusher on its crushing effect.

hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is the most important and crucial spare part of hammer crusher, which mainly relies on the impacting effect of the hammer in order to crush the materials and fulfill the crushing process. The crushing efficiency is related to the rotary rate of the rotor, which is closely related to the weight of the hammer because the hammer crusher does not crush the materials relying on the energy of its rotary part, but on the power of the hammer.

The energy of motion of the hammer is proportionally to its weight, which means that the weightier the hammer is, the bigger the energy of motion will be and the higher the crushing efficiency will be. However, there will be another problem. If the hammer is overweight, the rotary eccentric force will be larger which may cause damage to the rotor or some other spare parts of the crusher. In this way, how can we correctly choose the weight of the hammer?

In order to solve the problem we firstly need to know that the weight of the hammer is closely related to the crushing efficiency and the energy consumption, for this reason, the hammer weight we choose must satisfy the condition that it will crush the materials in one time, minimize the useless power and at the same the hammer will not tilt the back. Then what we need to do is to make the energy of motion produced by the hammer during its working process equal the impacting power needed to crush the materials.

We can analyze it by way of the law of conservation of momentum: m1v1=(m1+m2)*v2. In this formula, m1 refers to the weight of the hammer converted to the impacting center, v1 refers to the linear velocity before the head of the hammer impacts the materials, m2 refers to the weight of the largest material particle, v2 refers to the linear velocity of the hammer impacting the topmost of the materials.

During the material crushing process, the hammer will tilt to back around the pin roll after impacting the materials, and velocity loss will be produced, and generally speaking, the allowed velocity loss factor is 0.4~0.6, which is v2/v1=0.4~0.6,and plugging into this formula, we will get m1=(0.7~1)*m2. Then as long as we know the weight of the largest material particle, we can calculate the weight of the hammer.

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