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Design of Hammer and Main Shaft of Hammer Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 18 Jun 2012 02:46:17

In the industrial projects, the hammer crusher is widely applied in many departments such as cement, chemistry, power and metallurgy. Nowadays, the market demands for the hammer crusher have been continuously expanding. On the other hand, the design of hammer crusher is a very complicated process. Next, the experts of HXJQ will explain to the customers what should be paid attention to during the designing process of the hammer and main shaft of the hammer crusher. The design of the hammer crusher mainly refers to the design of the structure because the shape, quality and material texture of the hammer of the hammer crusher has a big influence on the production capacity of the crusher, especially that the shape determines the quality distribution and the sufficient utilization of the resources. The hammer is the main working part of the crushing machine and its shape, structural design has a profound effect on its working ability, production capacity of the whole machine and its economical efficiency.

Hammer Crusher

The hammer can be cast using high manganese steel. In order to improve the abrasion performance of the hammer, the selection of the hammer material is a key issue. The selection of the material depends on the working condition and other requirements of the working parts because the hammer crusher is used for crushing medium hard and super hard materials such as lime stone. For this reason, the hammer often adopts high manganese low content alloy steel, and some companies even coat cemented carbide on the working surface.

The main materials of the main shaft of the hammer crusher manufactured by HXJQ are carbon steel and alloy steel. The rough part of the steel axial mainly adopts rolled steel rod and forge piece, and some companies directly use steel rod. The carbon steel is cheaper than the alloy steel. At the same time, the mining machinery companies can also use the methods of warm handling and chemical handling in order to improve the abrasion performance and anti-fatigue strength of the hammer crusher, for this reason, the carbon steel shaft has wider application. As for the main shaft, after the installation of the spare parts on the main shaft and the assembly plan are determined, the shape of the main shaft of the hammer crusher can be generally determined. The assemble order is that install the rotor that is located in the middle of the machine, and place it on the box, and then install the bearing end cap, and then is the main bearing and the outer bearing pedestal. And in the end are the belt wheel and the flywheel on both sides.

The structure of the main shaft of the hammer crusher must be compact and the length of the stage of the main shaft must be determined. At the same time, the technicians have to make sure that there is assembly and adjustment space in rotor, belt conveyor and flywheel and the bearing, that is to say, the determined length of the shaft must take into consideration the axial dimension of the spare parts and the main shaft and the necessary gap between the adjacent spare parts.

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