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The Designing System Mission of Hammer Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 07 Nov 2012 11:24:12

The designing case on the hammer crusher can be officially into the researching stage once it can be settle down with the elaborative investigation and provident. The designing mission of the hammer crusher can be divided into two style according to the comprehensive look, one is the hardware designing and the other is software designing, and the combination the two aspects cannot be separated from each other. The major part of the designing mission on the hammer crusher is mainly integrated in the primary period, and we will modify some details when the mission reached the last period. The designing mission on the software is one project from the start to the end, and the medium and late period are major in the mission of software designing.

hammer crusher

1. Hongixng should take the strong chip with higher performance characteristics in order to simple the eclectic road in the designing of the controlling system of hammer crusher.

2. The designing of the system should have some place which is convenient to modify and expand in the future in the process of designing the hardware circuit of hammer crusher.

3. The essential difference between the SCM and digital circuit of the hammer crusher is the software system. Some software can do something that the hardware can do. In principle, we always feel that we should not choose the hardware once the software can be used in practice. The more usage of hardware not only increase the cost, but also the brokering rate of the system is increasing at the same time. The essence of replacing the hardware by the software is to replace the space by using the time, because the process of executing the software need time to be consumed, so that is the reason why the defects of this replacement is the decreasing of the essence. The replacement between the software and hardware is reasonable in the jobsites which don't have much higher requirements.

4. The artificial designing of the hammer crusher. This design includes the chassis, panel, wiring and connector. We must consider the installment of the machine, debugging and the easy maintenance. And what's more, the strategy on the anti-jamming of the hardware equipment should be considered in the process of the designing of the hardware.

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