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Analysis of Import and Export Situation of Mining Mechanical Equipment

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 06 Nov 2012 05:51:22

With the healthy development of national economy, the market of mining mechanical equipment becomes hotter and hotter; and the annual volume of the mining mechanical products increases about million Yuan, and the domestic market shares of Made-in-China products are higher and higher.

mining equipment

Several years earlier, since few mining machinery manufacturing companies grasp the technology of designing and manufacturing large high-end complete set of mining mechanical equipment, plus the use technique of foreign equipment is strong, the equipment is all in complete set, the system control technology is complicated and the designing and manufacturing technology of the main machine is difficult, the market shares of foreign equipment is very high for a long time.

However, with the fact that the mining machinery manufacturing companies in China pay more and more attention to the research, development of and investment in technology in recent years, the quality of the mining mechanical product in China has improved significantly, and a large quantity of large-sized advanced products with proprietary intellectual property rights spring out, bridging the gap with developing countries. Combined with the accumulation of international trade experience and support of national policies, Chinese mining machine manufacturing companies are able to contend with developed countries relying on price, services and quality in international trade. For the reasons mentioned above, an expert and import favorable balance occurs in the mining mechanical products in China and the dependency of Chinese mining mechanical market on import equipment becomes smaller and smaller.

During the development process in the future, the general tendency of the import and export of the mining mechanical products in China is that the value of exports will further expand, and the value of imports will gradually decrease and the tendency of cut-down of import and export deficit will be obvious. However, there is also another question: foreign mining mechanical equipment manufacturing companies are also constantly developing new technology. In order to realize the situation of decreasing the import and export deficit, Chinese mining machinery industry must give the technology into full play, improve the utilization rate of the minerals, change the current situation of high pollution and high energy consumption during the mineral processing process and strive to realize quantitative change to qualitative change for the mining mechanical equipment, only in which way can this industry remain invincible.

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