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Mining Equipment is Developing Forward High-tech Orientation

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 12 Jul 2012 01:58:04

The development orientation of mining equipment is digitization, intellectualize, ecologicalize and comfortable to human. Innovative design ability of mining machine with high efficiency, zero pollution battery has been the disparity between the overall level and the international advanced level. Facing the natural environment, the product design is based on the relationship between mining, human, machine and environment.

The needs of economic construction promote the constant innovation which makes the product do not cause environmental pollution or minimize environmental pollution through the whole life cycle. China’s coal mining depth has reached 1000m and the metal ores has reached 1380m with the resource development, the increasing mining depth, extending to the ocean from land, deteriorating of the resource extraction conditions and the increasingly serious situation of safe mining. Product design is the soul of the manufacturing sector. The application of computer technology and net technology in crushing machine will realize the harmonization betweeneconomic benefit and social benefits.

There are both chances and challenges of mining machine in the national economy. The skill level, equipment capacity and innovative technology of new type mining machine are considered as a dominant mark of national industrial power. Mining machine is a machine with high technical content and integration.

Market competition drives the development of mining machine and the harmonious development between human being and nature. Product is considered as a driving force for the mining machine development. On the journey of advancing for the stronger power of mining machine, each round of products will be injected new technology with the great progress of computer technology and integration technology. Hence the update cycle of components become shorter and the new equipment change become quicker especially the development of large size mining machine.


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