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Choosing Right Hammer Crusher Brand is Paramount

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 24 May 2012 12:31:37

At present, many leaders of the stone and sand plant and small and medium cement factories often complain that the economic situation in recent years makes the cement and stone and sand industry not hot as before and the profit margins of this industry has been shrinking continuously. On the other hand, the hammer crusher which is one of the crushing equipment that is often used in the cement and stone and sand making process cannot make people feel relieved as well because the investment cost is extremely high and the operational and maintenance cost in the latter period is also very high. Then during the operational process of the hammer crusher, what problems will occur? And how can the customers chose the right hammer crusher brand?

Hammer Crusher is mainly used for crushing medium-hard or brittle materials with hardness not more than 300Mpa and 15% moisture such as barite, limestone, terrazzo, silica sand stone, coal, coke, gypsum, aluminum sulfate, slag, salt, chalk, blocks, cement, alumen, brick, tile, etc. It has the features of simple structure, big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, uniform particle size, etc. The hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for intermediate and fine crushing the brittle materials with less than intermediate such as limestone coal and other used in metallurgy, building material, chemical and water - power industry, with a feature of big crushing ratio and even product graininess.

The wear resistant part of the hammer crusher has a serious influence on the performance of the crusher equipment. The hammer of the crushing machine will produce severe impact and friction with high rotating speed during the crushing and breaking process, for this reason, the hammer may be wore and tore in a very short of time and will be discarded as useless which lead to the working efficiency of hammer crusher decrease extremely and the energy and electricity consumption increase significantly which seriously influenced the overall use performance of the hammer crusher. This resulted great damage to the cement and stone and sand companies every year and at the same time, frequently changing the hammer also make the working conditions of the workers become worse and bring with it many unsafe production factors.

When the customers choose the hammer crusher brand, they should take the wear resisting property of the hammer and choose professional wear resistant part manufacturer. In this way, the professional company will ensure the excellent and long service life of the crushing equipment, and on the other hand, avoid the influences of the performance reduction of the hammer crusher resulted by the quality problem of the wear resistant part, and at the same time, greatly reduce the operational and maintenance cost and reduced the working pressure of the workers.

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