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What Factors will Influence the Inflating Volume?

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 12 Sep 2014 11:12:08

The inflating volume of flotation separator or flotation machine is an important flotation index to improve the productivity. There are many factors having effect on the inflating volume of the flotation cell. Here our experts will list the main factors for customers and hope these information will be helpful.

flotation separator

1.Gap between the flotation separator’s impeller and cover plate: if the gap is too wide, the inflating volume will decrease; if the gap is too narrow, it will make the impeller crash the cover plate, also reducing the inflating volume. According to our experts, the proper gap is 5-8mm.

2.Revolution number of the flotation separator: within certain range, the high speed rotating impeller will cause large inflating volume and also lead to much abrasion and power consumption to the impeller and unstable ore pulp surface. For some fragile minerals, high speed impeller will result in argillization.

3.Pulp feeding amount: when the ore pulp entering the impeller center is in a proper amount, the inflating volume of the flotation machine will reach the maximum. But once the pulp feeding amount is over the normal value, the impeller is unable to handle the ore pulp which will later block the air inflator, thus reducing the inflating volume.

4.Pulp density on the impeller of the flotation cell: when the pulp density gets high, it will lead to high static pressure to the impeller, thus increasing the rotating resistance and decreasing the inflating volume. As the impeller rotates, it disperses air into air bubbles scattering in the ore pulp, makes the ore grains float and mix with the air bubbles and makes the flotation agent work with the ore grains.

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