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Simplification of Multiphase Flows inside the Flotation Machine

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 12 Nov 2012 11:33:22

Inside the flotation machine, there are multiphase flows of various substances such as ore particles, water, flotation reagents and bubbles which interact with each other. And what is more, there are the processes in which the ore particles collide with, stick to, desorb from and stick to again the bubbles. So far there has not yet been any multiphase model which is able to completely describe this flotation process inside the flotation machine.

flotation machine

Through the stimulation of the gas, solid and liquid flows inside the flotation machine, the research mainly focuses on the suspension distribution of the ore particles inside the flotation machine and the dispersing situation of the bubbles and the influences of the flowing mechanics of the three phases on the flotation separation dynamics. For this reason, Hongxing Machinery makes simplification to the multiphase flows inside the flotation machine:

1. Take no account of the influences of the flotation reagents on the colliding, sticking and desorbing process of the ore particles and bubbles.

2. The multiphase flows inside the flotation chute only include the three-phase flows, water, ore particles and bubbles.

3. The ore particles and the bubbles are even ball-shaped materials, and the diameter of the bubbles remains unchanged and it is incompressible.

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