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Double-teeth Roller Crusher has an Important Role in Open-pit Mining

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 17 Dec 2012 11:40:54

Semi-mobile crushing station is the key equipment in the continuous mining process of open-pit mines of our country and also the large equipment urgently waiting for resolution in Chinese open-pit mines. Double-teeth roller crusher is the key equipment of the mobile crushing station and plays an important role in the open-pit mining.

roll crusher

In the semi-continuous mining technology, the semi-mobile crushing station organically integrates the belt conveyor system and the excavation equipment, forming a transportation system forming by the single bus, automobile, crushing station and belt conveyor. This system not only effectively makes the best of the flexibility of the automobile transportation and shortens the transportation distance of the automobile, but give its advantages that the belt conveyor is suitable for long distance of transportation and reduces the cost of the system. This technology develops fast in the whole world relying on the advantages of improving the production efficiency and reducing the mining cost.

Since the coming of the first material feeding type mobile crushing station in the world, all the countries are trying to absorb the new technology and creatively develop crushing station with more and more superior performance. The application of roller crusher in the crushing station has to be said to be a huge breakthrough.

The crushing roll of the double-teeth roller crusher ahs two sets of independent driving device and the two crushing rolls can work independently. In the actual crushing process, the working system can be changed according to the amount of the materials fed into the crushing machine.

According to the development requirements of the open-pit mining of our country, adopting semi-mobile crushing station not only needs to crush the coals, but crush the peeling materials, for this reason, the crusher is required to have the ability of crushing materials with high compression strength. In this way, researching and developing new double-teeth roll crusher that is suitable for crushing rocks has great significance in satisfying the domestic mining demands and replacing materials feeding equipment.

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