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Structural Designing Features of Roller Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 14 Oct 2012 11:05:20

The crushing and powder grinding equipment has very important application in the chemistry plant, and these two kinds of machines mainly crush and grind the materials and finally use the materials into production. Due to the various types of the current crushing and powder grinding equipment, the selection and use of them for the customers has very big room to choose from. Since the roller crusher has small crushing granularity, it has become the first choice for many production companies. Here Hongxing Machinery will introduce some structural designing features of this machine.

roller crusher

The product feature of the double roll crusher is that it has two rolls and the surfaces are glossy, and the other kind of roll crusher has two rolls with teeth, which means that the surface of the roll is glossy and the other is toothed.

The roll crusher that has glossy rolls mainly crushes the materials by squeezing and grinding, for this reason, this equipment is mainly used for medium and fine crushing clay, coal, clinker and limestone.

The roll crusher with two toothed rolls mainly crushes the materials by splitting and tearing, and this kind of equipment is mainly used for completing large size material crushing.

The roll crusher with one glossy roll and one toothed roll mainly crushes the materials by squeezing, bending and grinding, and this series of equipment is mainly used for crushing clay and coal.

The roll crusher that we often use has the following advantages: simple structure, convenient maintenance and low manufacturing cost. However, this equipment has low production capacity and big size, for this reason, a large space and size will be needed when installing it. In addition, since the abrasion of the surface of the rolls is not even during its working process, frequent repair will be necessary.

In order to improve the crushing ratio of the roll crusher, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd reasonably designs two roll crushers and fixes one pair of crushing rolls on the other pair. In this way, the crushing roll on the upper side can be used for primary crushing, and the other pair on the lower side can be used for secondary crushing, thus improving the crushing efficiency.

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