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Henan is Intensifying Supervision and Management of Sand Maker

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11 Nov 2012 11:55:34

There are more and more users in Henan Province who are using new type of sand maker equipment, and there is many good stone material resources in this province, and the whole area is being developing and exploiting, so that many stone material resources are used, for this reason, some users invest their capital in the production of DY series new sand maker.

sand maker

Several years ago, hammer crusher was popular in Henan since the majority of people knew little about the functions and features of new sand maker, which has not been introduced until this year. With more and more application of this equipment, the government must fabricate some supervision and management regulation in order to ensure the product quality, improve the product output, keep the production process in control, and manufacture qualified products on the premise of optimizing the production operation, gaining better economic interests.

The common principles used for supervision and management are listed as follows:

1. Precaution principle. Design effect methods or means in order to ensure the quality of the sand maker product. Once unqualified products are manufactured, the relevant measures should be taken in order to prevent it and overcome it timely.

2. Optimization principle. According to the features of the production process, look for qualified operational methods and parameters, making the production process run in an optimized state.

3. Economic principle. Supervise and control the production process in the economic principle, reasonably use the data of the production process in order to give it to full play.

4. Coordination principle. The production processes should be coordinate and restrict with each other, for this reason, whole giving the equipment and devices into full play, the companies should analyze the make decisions on the optimization of the whole plan of the sand maker.

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