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Installation and Use Procedures of Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 28 Sep 2012 05:17:35

As for the large-sized crusher equipment, the purpose of its manufacturing by the manufacturing companies is to be used by the investment companies. Even though the stone crushing equipment is various and with diverse performance, the starting and stopping procedure of every machine is almost the same.


The first step after the customers buy the equipment back home is to install the machine. The selection of the installation position is very important because selecting suitable position to install the machine will save a lot of unnecessary work. Next it is the starting work. Before starting the machine, the customer should check whether all of the spare parts of the stone crusher plant are perfectly fastened, whether the connection of the material feeding machine and the belt conveyer is normal, whether the lubricating condition is normal, and what is more important and also often neglected by the customer is that the rocks and foreign matters inside the crushing chamber must be cleans in order to fully ensure the purity of the materials produced.

After the machine is started, it is not good to immediately feed materials; the machine must be fed materials after normal operation. We all know that the correct starting order of the stone crusher is starting the conveying device, and stone crushing equipment and the material feeding machine. And the stopping order is just the opposite.

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