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Detailed Analysis of Working Process of Double-rotor Impact Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 21 May 2013 05:41:38

Double-rotor impact crusher is a type of impact crusher that is widely used in many industries and its advantages are big crushing ratio, high processing ability, high working efficiency and low energy consumption. This paper will analyze its structure and working process in detail.

impact crusher

The double-rotor impact crusher is mainly composed by rack, first stage rotor, first stage impacting plate, divided-chamber impacting plate, secondary stage rotor, secondary stage impacting plate, adjusting spring, first transmission part and second transmission part.

The working process of this impact crusher is:

The two electro motors transmit through hydraulic coupling, spring coupling and triangle belt and drive the first rotor and second-stage rotor to rotate with high speed in the same direction. The plate hammer of the first-stage rotor and the first-stage impacting plate and the divided-chamber impacting plate form the first-stage crushing chamber; the hammer plate of the second-stage rotor and the second-stage impacting plate form the second=stage crushing chamber. The materials are fed into the first crushing chamber from the chain gate of the feeding mouth of upper rack, and after bring impacted by the plate hammer rotating at a high speed, the materials will be thrown to the first-stage impacting plate and the divided-chamber impacting plate along the tangential direction, and then the materials will bounce back to the space where the plate hammer rotates and continue this process. In this way, the materials will get many times of impacts by the plate hammer and the impact plate and mutual collisions and then the materials will crush along the bedding, joint and crack. After being crushed in the first crushing chamber, the materials will go into the second crushing chamber where the materials will be impacted and hit by the second-stage rotor plate hammer and the second-stage impacting plate until the materials are crushed to the size of below 20mm, and then the materials will be discharged out of the machine.

In addition this crusher adopts chamber separation crushing principle, and the two rotors have a 265mm of height difference, so that the second rotor will be forced to feed materials so that the linear speed of the second rotor will be improved. In this way, two rotors will undertake their own crushing functions, thus improving the crushing efficiency.

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