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Measures of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of Sand Maker

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 17 Jul 2012 06:02:02

The vertical shaft impact crusher can also be called sand maker, which is researched, developed and manufactured with the stone impacting stone principle and technology. This machine mainly uses the impacting principle to crush the large stone into small one and even into sand. There are mainly three methods that can be used for conserving energy and reducing emission for the sand maker.

1. The tension force of the driving triangle rubber belt should be adjusted to be proper in order to make sure that the load force of the triangle rubber is equal. When the machine is driven by double motors, the triangle rubber on both sides should be grouped and selected in order to try to make the length of every group is the same.

2. The vertical shaft impact crusher adopts mobile car used lubricating grease, and after four hundred hours of work, the workers should add proper amount of lubricating oil and after two thousand hours of work, the workers should open the main axis spindle mechanism and cleanse the bearing. The workers should change new bearings after 7,200 hours of work. The upper bearing of the principal axis is the movable part and the lower bearing is the fixed part and after the installation, the workers should pull the belt conveyor to see if it is able to move flexibly.

3. Regularly stop the machine and open the observation door in order to observe the abrasion condition inside the sand maker. The workers should pay attention to the abrasion degree of the central material feeding pipe, cone cap, the upper and lower lining board of the impeller, the surrounding baseboard and if they are abraded, they should be timely changed or repaired. It is forbidden to open the observation door during the working process of the crusher in order to avoid danger.


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