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Comprehensive Introduction of Coal Crusher in China

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 15 May 2012 06:40:03


Coal crusher is mainly aimed at the problem of broken high water content coal. Generally used as a shattered to the coal gangue miserably, or pieces of coal with life. Of course, the crusher not only used for coal crushing, but also used for many other materials, such as coal gangue, shale, coal, slag, cinders, construction waste.

Industrial Standard of Coal Crushing

Modern industry calls for coal mining to protect the environment and improve the efficiency, which is a comprehensive technical problem for the coal mining industry. However, we can improve the coal crushing efficiency by the use of excellent crushers, which are able to crush the coal into different sizes. Nowadays, different applications need varied sizes of coal. For the stove, it often requires the size of coal particle to range from 0~25 mm; for the steam locomotive, coal particle of 8~25 mm is needed; for the industrial furnace, 6~25 mm; and coal power plant, also 6~25 mm.

Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery is a professional coal crusher manufacturer in China of crushing and powder making equipment. For those owners of coal quarry, we provide a whole high-efficiency set of coal crushing line. And it has been proved that jaw crusher and impact crusher for coal crushing have been widely used in the coal mining industry. It is very popular in hard coal processing. Welcome you to visit our company. Our Hard Coal Crusher Machines are exported to India, Nigeria, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Iran, Chile, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, UAE, Zambia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Canada, Bolivia, Ecuador, Australia, Tanzania, Turkey etc.

Advantages and Features

1. Coal crusher offered by Zhengzhou Hongxing design on no sieve net and the bottom of the deck, can crush materials with high water content, without any requirements of moisture content.

2. Low maintenance cost, crusher use new type technology of shift the gap, so the hammer head of coal crusher do not need to change after wear.

3. Simple operation. Crusher supplied by Zhengzhou Hongxing has the centralized lubricating system, can note oil even the plant non-stop.


Coal called by people as black gold, it is the food of industries, the eighteenth century since human world uses one of primary energy sources.

Now although coal important position has been replaced oil, but in the next a long time, because oil of draining, is destined to decline, and coal reserves huge, plus because of the rapid development of science and technology, coal vaporization of new technology such as matures, and have been used widely, barite crusher become human production life unable to substitute energy one.

Coal crushing plant designed by Zhengzhou Hongxing, offers complete jaw crusher and cone crusher systems designed specifically to meet your requirements. Zhengzhou Hongxing coal mining have a wide range of crusher models to handle various type of aggregate product and process capacities.

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