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How to Eliminate bugs in Jaw Crusher Operation

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11 Apr 2012 06:22:57

This crushing equipment is a coarse crushing machine that is often used in the ore dressing plants and it has the working features of high inertia force, bad working conditions and high work load. For these reasons, in order to make sure the equipment works in a normal condition and play the production capacity role, the customers should not only correct operation, regular maintenance and periodic examination, but also need to exactly and timely figure out and eliminate the bugs that are possible to occur in the working and operational process.

The common and main bugs are concluded as follows:

(1) When the crusher is operated without crushing anything, the bottom will have crash sound of metals which may be resulted from the following three reasons: firstly, the sound of mutual impact of the moveable and fixed jaw of the crusher is resulted from too small of the rock discharging mouth which will need to be adjusted timely. Secondly, if the bearing of the toggle plate or the adjusting equipment has impacting sound, generally speaking, the elasticity of the buffer spring of the straining beam loses its elasticity or is damaged, or the spring is not fixed so that it will rotate. If the moveable jaw, toggle plate and the machine is not closely connected with each other, the head and the bearings on the two sides of the toggle plate will impact with each other, or the adjusting gasket will hit against with each other, then the customers will need to timely press tight the gut until the impacting sound disappears. The last but not the least, it may be resulted from the serious damage or slack of bearing slide block of the toggle plate or serious wear of the head of the toggle plate, at this time, the customers need to timely change it.

(2) When the jaw crusher is working, the lining plate shakes. It is often caused by the loose relationship of the crushing chamber side lining and the toothed plate, or the fixed screw is loose or damaged, then we should immediately fix or change it.

(3) The rear toggle board is often broken. In addition to transmitting the driving force, it still needs to play the role of insurance. Other than the middle part of the toggle plate is too low in the strength, which is not enough to overcome the crushing force that produced in the rock breaking process, it may also resulted from over pressing of the spring of the straining beam, plus the crushing force during the working process gives it over working load, then we need to properly loose the spring.

(4) The granularity of the final products becomes coarse which may be caused by the heavy wear of the bottom part of the lining board of the impact crusher. Then we need to change the upper and the bottom of the lining board or change new lining board in order to adjust the ore discharging mouth to the standard size.

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