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Sand Making Production Line Develops Completely

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 30 Oct 2014 08:29:13

According to our experts, the domestic development mode of sand makers becomes more and more complete with the help of the application of the new high efficient sand maker and sand making production line.

Nowadays, customers have strict standard about the productivity of the sand maker as well as the hardness of the stones in the building industry. If no new sand makers are put in use in the real life, the sand making plant won’t meet the requirement of quality construction sand.

sand making production line

Since last year, researching and developing bulk cement has become the most important method to realize the high efficiency and modernization of the buildings. The whole nation is gradually asking all local governments to process bulk cement production.

At the same time, the concrete mixing plant becomes the core way to increase the bulk ratio of the cement. This production can’t work well without the supply of large numbers of aggregates, so to produce good quality aggregates is the foundation of guaranteeing the stable development of the national economy.

As the gravel aggregate market becomes bigger and bigger, some problems during the production process occur as well like the lagging sand maker, the wasting resources and the disqualified sand gradation. They all form large obstacles for the fast developing sand industry. Therefore, the new type of sand maker with its high efficiency will become necessary for customers.

At present, the sand making industry adopts the management mode of separating the sand production from the construction field, which increases the production efficiency to certain extent.

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