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The Selection and Change of Lubricant for Mining Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 13 Oct 2013 11:42:04

When a mining crusher leaves the factory, it is usually accompanied by a parameter and operation instruction, which explicitly points out the lubricant types needed by this machine. In the using process of the mining equipment, the lubricants are various in types and similar in property, for this reason, when choosing the lubricant type for a mining crusher, generally speaking, the factors such as pressure on the specific part, speed, temperature, state of the devices and the structure of the lubrication device.

When the pressure is high, oil will be squeezed out from the bearing and works at a dry state, which may produce high working temperature. For this reason, the parts working under big load need sticky lubricant.

jaw crusher

When the rotating speed is high, lubricant that is less sticky should be adopted; when the rotating speed is low, sticky lubricant should be used. When the rotating speed is high, dry lubricant often leads the rise of the bearing temperature.

When both rotating speed and pressure are high, the lubricant with low stickiness cannot be squeezed out from the bearing, for this reason, when the shaft rotates, the thin oil will be absorbed, just like a pump, and oil will be pressed between the sliding surfaces and separates the sliding surfaces, thus forming liquid friction.

As for the machines, spare parts and bearings working at high temperature, the lubricant with high kindling point should be used and the ignition point of the lubricating grease should be 40-50℃ higher than that of the lubricating level.

In winter when the temperature is low and when the mining crushing equipment works in the open air, lubricant with low stickiness should be used. When the temperature lowers, the oil will condense quickly and dramatically harden, so that the moving parts of the machine will produce huge resistance. To solve this problem, lubricant whose condensation temperature is 5-10℃lower than the temperature of the surrounding air.

When choosing the lubricant types or changing new lubricant, the abrasion degree of the spare parts should be taken into consideration. The easy-wear parts and component should use sticky oil. When replacing a type of oil with another type, the main quality index-stickiness should be first considered. When used at low temperature, the condensation temperature of the oil should be taken into consideration.

Reasonably and wisely choosing the lubricant type of the crusher is paramount to the highly efficient production of the crushing machinery and the maintenance of the equipment. We all know that the safe and high-speed operation of modern machinery is closely related to the role of lubrication grease, especially for heavy machinery like mining crushing equipment.

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