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The Prominent Advantages of Impact Crusher in Crushing Process

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 26 May 2013 06:29:24

Impact crusher is widely used in many industries such as rock crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemistry and building industry. The reason why it has so wide application lies in that it has many prominent advantages. Here list its prominent advantages.

impact crusher

1. Impact crusher can effectively process materials with high moisture degree and avoid blockage.

When the materials to be process has high water content, the feeding chute and the impacting plate of impact crusher can be equipped with heating device in order to prevent the materials from sticking. Impact crusher can avoid blockage without being equipped with grating bar on the bottom of the machine. However, hammer crusher cannot prevent the materials from sticking by way of using the heating device, and in addition, it must be equipped with bottom grating bar which increases the blockage possibility.

2. Impact crusher is suitable for processing both soft materials and super hard materials.

The plate hammer of impact crusher is firmly fixed on the rotor with the mechanical clamping structure, so that it will have big rotary inertia when rotating along with the rotor. Comparing with hammer crusher, the rotor of impact crusher has bigger quantity of motion, so that this crusher is more suitable for crushing hard materials, and in the meanwhile, the energy consumption is low.

3. Impact crusher can conveniently and flexibly adjust the discharging granularity with wide adjustment ranges.

Impact crusher can adjust the discharging granularity through many means: adjusting rotor speed and adjusting the gap between the impacting board and the grinding chamber. The gap adjustment can be fulfilled with mechanical means or hydraulic means, and using the hydraulic adjusting system can conveniently complete the adjustment of the gap through the operation of the button or the remote control system. The adjustment of the discharging granularity of hammer crusher can only be fulfilled through changing the bottom grating bar.

4. The abrasion of easy-wearing parts of impact crusher is smaller than that of hammer crusher and the metal utilization rate is higher.

The abrasion of the plate hammer of impact crusher only occurs on the side facing against the materials. When the rotor is rotating at a normal speed, the materials will fall onto the surface (impacting face) of the plate hammer, and the back and side of the plate hammer will not be abraded. And even the abrasion of the surface is small. In addition, the grading rod on the bottom is easy to be changed. On the other hand, the metal utilization rate of the plate hammer of impact crusher can reach 45%-48%.

5. The changing of the spare parts of impact crusher is convenient, thus relatively reducing the maintenance fees.

Only six plate hammers are installed on the rotor of impact crusher, and using the special equipment provided by Hongxing Machinery can conveniently changes the plate hammer and it only takes several minutes to change a set of plate hammers. In addition, the changing of the bottom grinding rod only needs about ten minutes, thus greatly reducing the time and expenditure of examination and maintenance.

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