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Higher Demands for Iron Ore Drives Crusher Development

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 18 May 2013 02:32:15

Iron ore is the main raw material in the industrial production in the world and its price is always not stable. In recent years, the domestic market demands for iron ore has been going up which simultaneously drives the development of mining machinery.

crushing machines

The use amount of steel in such cities as Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing that export a lot has reached the level of developed countries like Korea, but the market demands in inland China has just begun to rise. For the time being, the steel consumption amount per person in Middle and Western regions of China is only half that of the coastal areas. In order to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in the western and eastern regions, the Chinese government increases the investment in infrastructure construction in western regions and this policy also drives the steel demand.

The expansion of the iron ore industry in Western China needs the promotion of the mining machinery industry. In the exploitation and using process of the mineral resources, the crushing equipment such as crusher, sand maker, tertiary crusher and powder grinding mill is indispensable. Crushing equipment is necessary in the process in which raw ores are processed to be final products that can be used in many industrial departments. For this reason, the expansion of iron ore market not only drives the development of machinery industry, but leads the development of crushing equipment.

The development of a country relies on the constant upgrading of technology, so that we can not only save and make full use of the mineral resources, but save energy and protect the environment and develop better and faster. At present, the vast mining market has strong demands for mineral resources like iron ore, which gradually drives the development of mining machinery industry.

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