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Description of Crushing Equipment Product

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 07 Sep 2012 06:03:45

Jaw crusher is mainly used for coarsely crushing the materials and makes preparations for the second crushing. It is suitable for crushing hard and medium- hard materials and not suitable for crushing soft materials. It requires that the water content rate of the materials should be below 10%, otherwise the crushing efficiency will be affected. What should be mentioned is that when the bricks and tiles plants use jaw crusher, two points should be paid attention to. One is that before the materials are sent to the crushing machine, the powder particles should be screened out, thus improving the utility rate of the crushing ability of the crushing equipment. The other one is that when feeding materials to the jaw crusher, the workers should make sure the materials are fed along the width of the materials feeding mouth, and the materials feeding should be even and special materials feeding device can be used when it is necessary.


According to the structure, hammer crusher can be divided into vertical, horizontal, single rotor and double rotor type. On the material discharging mouth there is installed fixed screening machine, so that the customers can select the screen with suitable hole diameter in order to control the granularity of the discharged materials according to their own needs. This crushing is suitable for crushing brittle materials but not suitable for hard or sticky materials. The crushing ratio of the single-rotor crushing is lower than that of the double-rotor crushing.

Winnowing hammer crusher is equipped with centrifugal fan on the base of the hammer crusher. With the help of the wind power, it is able to select finer powder materials. It is integrated with powder crushing, elevating and screening and has many advantages such as simple technology and better crushing effect.

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