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Reason Analysis about the Fail Start of Vibrating Screen

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 03 Jul 2012 08:07:33

Although vibrating screen is not quite important set in sand making production line, it is an indispensible part because it plays a continuous role in sand production line. However, sometimes the vibrating screen cannot start normally. Engineers from Henan Hongxing will introduce the reason why vibrating screen cannot start normally.

Firstly, you’d better check the power. Checking the current situation of the motor, if it is the problem of motor, it will be ok to change the component of motor; because the work assembly line consist of centralized control lines, if some of the component are broken, timely replacement the broken component is necessary. Sometimes the voltage is not stable; ensuring the start voltage is lower than the rated voltage value can be helpful to the normal work of vibrating screen.

The most common thing is vibration exciter fault. Firstly of all, we should learn the working principle of vibrating screen: the screening of material is based on the vibration theory of vibration exciter. When there is something wrong with the vibration exciter, the vibrating screen cannot start normally. The vibration exciter needs to keep excellent lubrication state which not only need professional and high efficiency lubricating grease but also prevents the lubricating grease from thickening, freezing and agglomerating. Otherwise, it would not achieve the proper lubrication functions; so it is very necessary to check the condition of lubrication oil and change the lubrication oil in time.

Secondly, liner sieve equipment itself had problems. Because the constant changes of liner vibrating screen’s material supplier, if the maximum feeding material value exceeded the required feeding value, it will be blocked in the surface of screen. When the material accumulation to a certain amount, it will lead the work load of liner vibrating screen to become too large to start. The method to solve this problem is to clean up the material in the surface of the screen and ensure the screen can separate the material smoothly.


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