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Necessity of Reforming Traditional Drum Magnetic Separator

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 01 Jun 2012 03:12:52

The globalization of economic development forces the companies to save energy, reduce energy consumption and improve working efficiency and enhance the market competitiveness of the products. Just like other industries, as a basic industry with high energy consumption, metallurgy industry is also faced with huge pressure and challenge and implementing beneficiated burden materials feeding is the main method of saving energy, reducing energy consumption and improving working efficiency.

The production practice shows that improving the iron ore concentrate taste by 1%, the coke expense ratio will decrease by 2% and the output will improve by 3%. Because the iron ores in our country is rich in lean mine and sparse in abundant mine, complicated in types and fine in dissemination size, the taste of the produced iron ore concentrate is very low and at the same time, the content of the Silicon is very high. For this reason, the question of improving the quality of the iron ore concentrate has attracted a lot of attention from the mining machinery manufacturing companies in our country and many mining and metallurgy workers and they have carried out a lot of research and development ranging from the ore beneficiation technology and ore dressing equipment.

In the magnetic separating equipment research aspect, a lot of types of separators are researched and developed in recent year such as BKJ magnetic iron ore concentrate machine, BKB and BX multi-pole permanent-magnet cylindrical magnetic separator and multi force fields grading equipment. The research and development of these machines greatly improved the quality of the iron ore concentrate and at the same time, promoted the development of the iron ore dressing technology.

Improvement of traditional cylindrical magnetic separator: as for the weak magnetic separating equipment, the research mainly focus on permanent-magnet cylindrical separator, and the experts have did a lot of research and experimental work on the mineral feeding method, abrasive resistance of the cylindrical surface and the chute structure. The typical one is the magnetic separating machine with double stainless steel that was researched, design and manufactured by a domestic mining and metallurgy research institute and an American magnetic force company aiming at the abrasive resistance of the cylindrical surface of the permanent-magnet cylindrical separator. And In addition, the experts also install a valve on the pipe discharging the tailings on the bottom of the chute of the magnetic separator for the purpose of adjusting the height of the ore pulp.

To meet the trend of modernization development and the needs of international markets competition, our company has been introducing senior management personnel, scientific and research talents, and advanced graduates continually. And we are taking advantages of advanced technology from United States, Germany, Japan and other countries to achieve self-innovation and effective development.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has many years' of technological power and experience accumulation of manufacturing and management of drying machines. The sand maker we researched and developed with great concentration plays an active role in the mining and ore beneficiation industry and is one of the indispensible mining crushing equipment in the mining industry. This machine has the most competitive price and the most reliable quality so that it is the top choice for the high performance crushing equipment.


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