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The direction of mining machinery industry

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 02 Apr 2012 06:38:37

Mining machinery companies need focus on improving mining machinery kit with the key components of technology and manufacturing level, improving mining machinery products supporting dynamic performance, planning to set up engineering and large crusher equipment supporting with crusher experiment center, and working closely with large enterprise in the mining machinery industry so as to build research and development platform or innovation coalition.

Mining machinery's power transmission and system optimization is an important method to reduce energy consumption. Through optimization design and load sensor control, the engine's effective power and power allocation get reasonable use, thus making the engine power output always in the best condition and the engine get security protection in bad conditions. This technique has shone in international competition of mining machinery and also become the important research and development direction of energy conservation and emission reduction and improving the added value of product technology in the 'twelfth five-year plan' period. Especially those mainstream products with enormous quantity such as ore dressing equipment, crusher equipment, construction waste equipment, mill equipment should be paid special attention to and carried out as key tasks for changing the means of industry growth.

To pay special attention to the mining machinery hydraulic components products hydraulic cone crusher, crusher, grinding machine equipped with hydraulic device of development and the high refinements, scale manufacturing. Through market orientation, support, cultivate and develop key hydraulic parts research and development and production bases. At the same time, implement demonstration project, improve hydraulic parts industry's overall manufacturing technology and management level. On the other hand, hydraulic components belong to high precision products, related production technology management standards, quality standards are different from general processing manufacturing industry. So integrated with international hydraulic parts industry expert's experience, hydraulic parts of the product quality is three technology, seven points management.

Improving the product intelligent control technical level and realizing intelligent optimization control, fault diagnosis, security protection and logic control and information feedback visualization is the the mainstream direction of mining machinery industry technology development. In the 'twelfth five-year plan' period, mainstream products of mining machienry shall reach the intelligence and information control level, especially large mining machinery should realize machine and remote intelligent control.

The present age is already the information times,including informatization has four characteristics , namely intelligent , electronic , globalization and the mass . Many industry has entered informatization now , of course , mining machinery industry should also follow the era development steps and gradually towards intelligent direction,only do that can international standards.

The whole level of China mining machinery existing difference compared with the international advanced level. The opportunity and challenge should be at the same time in a mining machinery manufacturing power of journey. The innovation of product design capacity has become the primary factor of decided the enterprise status in globalization competition.

Mining machinery is the equipment of high technology content and integration, Unceasingly fusion in each field achievements of human in the new device development. Along with the materials science, manufacturing technology, information technology , computer technology progress, each round will have new technology infuse in the products. The updating cycle of parts are shorter and new equipment upgrading more and more quickly, especially large mining machinery development.

With the social progress and development of national economy, human’s demand in resources and energe is becoming more and more, while China is a country of poor resources in relative. Along with the exploitation of resources, mining depth is increasing gradually from land to sea,mining condition deteriorated, safety mining situation becomes more and more serious. China’ coal mining depth has reached 1000m, 1380m agpolymetal concentrations reach, ore mining depth increases, groundwater, gas , high geostress, geological structure make resources exploitation difficult increase greatly.

Automated mining underground mining is the development direction of underground or dangerous environment mining, also the effective way of ensure safety mining face. Comprehensive use of mining learn, automation technology and communication technology, the computer science and technology,etc . On the basis of unmanned automation face mining theoretical research and development of new technology, new equipment, mining machinery will toward robotic nanomanipulation and intelligent direction.

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