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Structure and Working Principle of Four Toothed Roll Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 07 Jun 2013 12:53:38

Four toothed roller crusher is an important mining machine which is mainly used for crushing the raw coal in the industries and mining establishments such as coal mines and coal dressing plants and also for crushing other materials with the similar hardness. Here is the detailed introduction to its structure and working principle.

The main composing parts of the four toothed roll crusher are main and assistant driving gear boxes, main case, and engine base, crushing rolls, gas/liquid cushion dashpot and dynamo.

The working principle of four toothed roll crusher goes like this: the materials go into the crushing chamber from the material feeding mouth, and under the gravity, they go between the two upper crushing rolls. The upper roll does relative movement driven by the motive power and crushes the material using the pressing force imposed by the tooth rolls and cushion dashpot on the crushing rolls. The primarily crushed materials fall between the lower crushing rolls under the gravity and are crushed again with the same working principle. Finally the crushed materials will be discharged out of the discharging mouth. Since the tooth rolls mainly uses splitting for crushing, the crushed materials are even in granularity and there are few powders and the crushing ratio can reach 6.

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