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Well Maintained Double Roll Crushers Can Be More Efficient

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 27 Jun 2014 02:05:02

Today in the mining industry, there has occurred an increasing market demand for the crushing machines especially the double roll crusher which is well known by customers for its low energy consumption feature. About the double roll crusher, professionals from our company will introduce some malfunctions, reasons and solutions of the crushing machine.

double roll crushers

Malfunction 1: When the driving device of the double roll crusher turns, the roll doesn’t rotate.

Reasons: 1. the long tooth gear of the machine is damaged; 2. the connecting belt is easy to slip because of the loose condition; 3. the bearing is sealed or the bearing is broken.

Solutions: 1. to shut down the running double roll crusher and replace the long tooth gear; 2. To readjust the tension of the belt; 3. to change the sealing device of the bearing or change the bearing directly.

Malfunction 2: After being crushed, the materials are not in the even particle size.

Reasons: 1. the roll skin isn’t worn uniformly; 2. Materials are also fed not uniformly.

Solutions: 1. to change the roll skin or to complement the non-uniform part with the bead welding treatment; 2. to adjust the feeding materials in a uniform way.

Malfunction 3: The material particle fluctuates seriously and the spring roll loses its function.

Reasons: 1. the gap between the two rolls may be too wide; 2. the spring may be broken; 3. the active bearing pedestal gets stuck.

Solutions: 1. to adjust the gap or distance between the rollers; 2. to replace the broken spring.

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