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To Build the Developing Orientation of Domestic Crushing Field

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 22 Mar 2013 02:05:37

The energy used in our national market influenced by economic crisis has caused the contradiction between supplying and providing, which has a big difference to the working efficiency of mainland market and which can prevent the increasing tendency of national economy, and the above on has not brought the loss of employee at this right minute, which helps to boost the mining machinery into one smooth period. With the improving of the labor cost and the promotion of RMB, the increasing price of mining machinery will be one direct reason to the price of the other commodity, and which will cut down the advantages of our national crushing industry, that is the reason why some multinational companies pay much more attention to the other mining makers whose price are much lower than that of ours. So we need to understand the true situation of modern mining machinery in order to solve those problems appearing on the above. And the innovation and perfection of mining machines also need much more advanced technology used on them.

At this right minute, our national crushing industry has two markets, one is at home and the other is at abroad. And the true short way for us to be standing on the peak of the same field is to depend on the opportunity created by the two markets according to the accumulation on sale market of mining machines, which is helpful to improve the expansion space of the domestic mining machinery, and which can help us to confront the obstacles and adversities on the way to victory in order to seize the accurate changing orientation of overseas mining field and to be one good guider for the national mining makers at the same time.

Recently, the mining machinery which is major in producing the hammer crusher has become occupying more and more important position in our national industries, whose impact is also becoming more and more obvious, which can be seen from the strong support coming from our nation on importing of mining technology and mechanism in order to boost the new development of crushing industry and to build one famous brand of our national mining.

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