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To Analysis the Developing Situation of Domestic Jaw Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 13 Mar 2013 02:12:05

The developing history of jaw crusher is so long beyond our imagination, and the structure of crushing machine in such a long time gets more and more improving and perfecting. Even though the application of jaw crusher is so wide, there are some defects existing in the mining machine, and that is the reason why the mining experts are trying to improve the working efficiency of jaw crusher and its performance characteristic in order to satisfy the various demanding on the crushing results of the customers. And then some advanced jaw crushers appears in the presence of the human beings.

jaw crusher

There is one designing institute, which ever researched one jaw crusher with the dual chamber and compound pendulum, and the design can help to reach the two purposes, one is to improve the working efficiency, and the other is to decrease the load on the crushing machine by relying on the light weight of this machine.

The researching on the various jaw crushers of mining experts has achieving much progress at this right minute, which can make a difference to the whole development of mining machinery and to boost the speed of mining progress, but which cannot be applied in such a wide scope, and the reason can be rested on the shoulders of the mining customers who still choose to use the traditional jaw crusher. The only road for the whole national mining machinery is to innovate and update the mining sand maker as soon as possible in order to occupy the big market share of mining area.

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