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Good Management Prolongs the Servicing Life of Mining Machine

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 09 Dec 2012 11:16:20

There must be one perfect managing principle if we want to accurately use the mining machines: the first is to establish one stable finance account, and to establish the technological file of mechanical equipment which includes the primary mechanical technology document, the registering table, transporting record, repairing record and technological updating; the second is to enhance the single assessment and benefit accounting such as the usage of oil plants, the maintenance, daily throughput and the profit accumulation. The two ways above on are the effective solutions to realize the economic profit, which is a good way to lower the cost of mining machinery by improving the working efficiency.

jaw crusher

To Improve the Quality of Operator and Administrator

One company only can do very well on the basis of perfecting the administration on the human beings. So that is the reason why the quality of administrator and the skill of the operator directly influence the whole level of management. And the only way to adapt the new requirement of new mining machines, to guarantee the corresponding stability of the management and operator can help one company win the enormous profit according to the continuous train and education on the employees.

To Enhance the Safe Management of Mechanism

The mechanical accident on mining machine which is major in producing the jaw crusher and vibrating screen is the biggest enemy for the whole mining machinery, which can bring the disasters to the whole mining manufacturers in the operation of them, which can have the power to ruin the reputation of one company accompanying by the damage of the mining machines and the loss of the works, and the most important thing is to prolong the production time, which is one fatal element causing the big loss on the cost. That is the reason why the mechanical usage and managing manufacturer should often organize the operators and administrators to study and realize the safe operating principles in order to avoid some possible dangers which exist in the mining machines.

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