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Processing Operations of the Samples for Ore Beneficiation

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 22 Nov 2012 11:40:18

During the ore beneficiation process, the processing operations of the sample materials are mainly composed by crushing, blending and concentrating, and sometimes the screening process is added.

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(1) Screening:

Screening is the preparation work for the sample crushing with the purpose of reducing the crushing process by only crushing the coarse particles and making the fine particles go through the screen hole without being crushed. For this reason, the workers need to prepare a set of screening machines with different sizes of screening holes. The screening process should be fulfilled gradually with the procedure of the concentration. The materials on the screen should be crushed until when they are all able to go through the screen hole and the materials under the screen should be concentrate to the minimum weight according to the formula Q=Kdα.

(2) Crushing:

The crushing process is generally done in the small-type jaw crusher, roller crusher and disc mill. There should be dust cover on the crusher and the ore discharging mouth should be sealed closely in order to prevent the ore sample from producing powder dust and being lost during the crushing process. Before crushing every sample, all the parts of the equipment should be cleaned in order to avoid other types of sample residual mixing in and influencing the representativeness of the mineral sample. The mineral samples with different tastes should be crushed separately and the mineral sample with low taste should be crushed first.

(3) Blending:

The blending process is important and indispensable before the concentration. In order to get regular and even sample, the material should be blended carefully before the concentration process.

(4) Concentration:

The mineral sample should be concentrated before reaching the required weight.

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