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The Way of Increasing the Market Ratio of Mining Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 22 Nov 2012 02:26:16

The occupying ration of the crushing manufacturers on the market is referring to the ratio of the sales amount of the crusher produced by those companies in the whole output of all crushing machines, this number can make us clearly see the demanding for the crushing machine on the national and the international market, and the occupying status of the company in the competitive market. If the ratio of the crushing company can reach to 74%, that is to say, your company must be the winner no matter whether you have the huge ability to produce the amount crushing machines or not in the reality. And if the ratio is 42%, we just can say that you cannot be a loser in the fiercer competition of the world. How unfortunately, if the ratio is just 26%, there must be some difficulties if one company wants to survive from the international competition coming from the home and abroad. So that is the reason why our company Hongixng invites some experts coming here briefly introduce the solutions when we have to confront something stiff that we don't have the ability to solve in the future.

jaw crusher

There are two situations on the marketing ratio of the company; the first is that the sale of the products is slower than the increasing of the sales of the whole crushing industry, which is one reason to influence the marketing ratio. The rapid speed of the crushing industry means that the demanding for the mining machines are rapidly increasing, which also means that the developing opportunities of one company are becoming more and more. Once the occupying ratio of one company is decreasing, which asks for the consideration of the objective elements coming from the others aspects such as the rivals, and we must compare with them carefully in order to improve the competitiveness of the crushing machines by relying on the updating the performance characteristics of the crushing machine, which can help us to deprive the embarrassing situation. The second is that the decreasing speed of the sale is faster that the whole industry, which is one main reason of influencing the marketing ratio, and the decreasing of the whole mining industry, means that the demanding for the crushing machine is becoming less and less, and what we should do for this situation is that we must maintain the stable marketing ratio by relying on the strategies of promoting the capacity of sale and increasing the price of the crushing machines such as the impact crusher and hammer crusher.

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