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Notes that should be Considered in Working Process of Lime Rotary Kiln

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 05 Nov 2012 06:00:38

The new type environmentally friendly lime rotary kiln has many advantages such as environmental protecting, energy saving, low energy consumption, high efficiency and high degree of automatic degree, and the lime produced by this machine has strong chemical responsiveness, small volume density and high degree of purity so that it is the most important accessory material in domestic and foreign steel metallurgy, coking and calcium carbide and other industries at present.

rotary kiln

If the customers want to gain good lime product, they should handle and operate the rotary kiln strictly according to its usage requirement during the burning process of the lime. Then during the normal production of lime rotary kiln, what notes should be considered by the workers?

1. The workers should see to four regular things, namely, regularly observe the fine, regularly get in touch other workers, regularly check the machine and regularly conduct research so that the problems can be solved in time.

2. During the production process, the three factors of material, air and coal should be kept balanced. In addition, the workers should learn the operational condition of the rotary kiln in detail, and add or decrease the air and coal as soon as possible according to the material quantity of the limestone.

3. Keep the temperature of the kiln end and the kiln head and the second air in control and attach great importance on the change of the temperature of the smoke box.

4. Stabilize the thermal regulation and keep the granularity of the limestone that is fed into the kiln regular.

5. The workers should grasp the changing law of the fuel and the raw materials by regular observing and timely adjust the length and shape of the flame.

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