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Two Researching Orientation of the Crushing Machine

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 30 Oct 2012 11:05:31

The performance characteristics of crushing machine and the grinding machine are following behind the abroad countries, that is to say, there is one big gap between the national and the international, which has been influencing the level of the manufacturing industry and lowering the economic profit of the related department.

impact crusher

Hongxing which is one manufacturer producing the impact crusher and cone crusher develops a series of measures of researching the improvement and innovation of the mining machines in order to improve the manufacturing level and to increase the economic beneficiation of the customers in the future on the basis of the original designing theory and the modern perfecting methods on the mining machines such as the crushing machine and the grinding machine. And Hongxing also builds the target model at the same time, which has the power to help us to provide the backbone of the theatrical basis for developing and exploring the high efficiency grinding and crushing machine. And Hongxing mainly puts its attention on the two sides:

1. The Working Research of Mechanism

Hongxing experts mainly pay their attention to the crushing process in which the cavity is extruded by the lamination in order to make sure the constitutive relative model, energy consumption model, fracture process and choice model and so on. We mainly research on the function model and crushing function model in order to build the related model between the electing process and crushing process, which can be accumulated by the finished granularity.

2. The Research on the Performance Characteristics

The performance characteristics that the Hongxing experts research include the style and working efficiency model, the distracting granularity model and the kinds of the designing chambers.

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