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Ultra-high Pressure Principle of Crushing Machine

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 21 May 2012 05:43:33

This work studied the current progress in ultra micro-crushing, and proposed a new model of ultra-high pressure crusher. This new model will fulfill the need for ultra high pressure crusher technology, realize the auto control of ultra-high pressure crusher and developed the supervisory control software.

First, we made some modification to overcome some defects of conventional ultra-high pressure crusher. We designed a new type ultra-high pressure crusher with oil hydraulic pressure. It employs by turns work of two pistons to add pressure to material and reduce pressure fluctuant. The local control system was developed based the designed ultra-high pressure crusher. It employs PLC as central control, collect system information by transducer and keep the stability of system pressure by adjusting the sequence of the pistons. This helps to realize the automatic control of ultra-high pressure crusher. This machine can be operated both manually when adjusting the

Equipment and automatically during routine work.

Supervisory control software was compiled with vc, thus realize the remote monitoring of the machine. With the system real-time pressure value collected by a pressure sensor, this system collects signals to supervisory control computer, in which the pressure is described with dynamic curves and the real-time information of pressure is stored into access database. The ultra-high pressure crusher with PLC and supervisory controlling is able to work stable under the working pressure as high as 200MPa.

Working Principle:

The main structure of the Jaw Crusher are composed of stander, eccentric shaft, belt pulley, flywheel, movable jaw plate, wrist plate ,adjustable gap screw, offsetting spring, fixed jaw plate. The wrist plate also has the effect of guarding.

Jaw crusher uses motor as its power. The motor drives the belt and belt pulley to make the moveable jaw move through the eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw is up, the angle between lining plate and moving jaw becomes large, and this will push moving jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate. During this process, the material is crushed and ground, thus the crushing will be done. When the moving jaw is down, the angle between lining plate and moving jaw becomes small, the moving jaw plate will leave the fixed jaw plate on account of the effect of pulling bar and spring, and then the crushed material will be discharged from the lower opening of the crushing room. With the motor continuously rotating and the material periodically crushed and discharged by the crusher, the mass production can be realized.

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