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The Newest Jaw Crusher Explores Unknown World

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 23 Oct 2012 10:02:34

The Popular Mechanics says that do not keep mentioning super large jaw crusher because the report about this huge machine is excessive. During the development process of national economy, the important role played by jaw crusher is obvious to everyone, and better utilizing the existing resources in order to create value is what we all want.

jaw crusher

The newest jaw crusher manufactured by Hongxing Machinery is designed to explore the unknown world, such as mining exploration and crushing city building wastes. The newest jaw crusher not only has the coolest appearance, but shoulders the important responsibility of uncovering the biggest mystery in the world.

The stable jaw crusher is all equipped with a wedge-shaped nidificant adjusting device which is a simple, safe adjustment device with high speed. The big eccentric shaft adopts forging stock for processing which make the PE series jaw crusher have outstanding reliability.

Jaw crusher plays an irreplaceable role in the rock crushing production, but at times, when the operational workers operate the jaw crusher, the machine is often difficult to start because there is starting dead angle for this crushing machine and it needs external force to drive the flywheel and turns the dead angle so that it can be started. In this way, the smooth production of the crusher equipment will be affected. As a result, how to eliminate the starting dead angle of jaw crusher becomes a major problem waiting to be solved.

On the other hand, in order to solve the practical problems in traditional jaw crusher, such as the environmental pollution and resources waste, the engineers and technicians of Hongxing Machinery make the base and the green-base as the research and development idea, thus significantly reducing the energy consumption and environmental pollution. Seen from the current situation of jaw crusher, the weight of the machine manufactured by domestic companies is higher than that manufactured by foreign companies and the design of jaw crusher still focuses on people’s experience.

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