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Integrate Mining Machine Enterprise and Develop Green Machinery

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 20 Oct 2012 11:47:27

In recent years, due to the constant demands of the production, the mining crusher has become the most core equipment with the highest technical content and highest profit rate, but the enterprise data has led the profit to shrink. In the hotter and hotter competition, many medium and small companies begin to imitate the original equipment in the market and give no attention to technological innovation and science and technical content of the product, which is a act irresponsible to the customers and has negative influences on the development of the whole crusher industry.

It is said that the internal side of the mining machine industry has become a mess. Due to unscrupulous competition, the profit that should have been the mining machinery industry is robbed by the mining companies, advertising companies and the channel business organizations. If this situation is not regulated, then what is waiting for the mining equipment industry will be collapse.

The requirement for the standard of green mining is very strict, for this reason, the companies that are not powerful can never reach this standard. In the comprehensive utilization of resources, according to the development plan and design of the mineral resources, some impact crusher manufacturing companies have relatively completed the index of resources development and comprehensive utilization and the technical and economic level has ranked top in domestic mining industry.

In the technical innovation aspect, while actively developing science and technical innovation and technical reform, the capital invested in science and technology innovation by the mining companies should be no less than 1% of the total production profit of the company, and the mining machinery manufacturing companies should constantly improve and optimize the technical process and eliminate the backward technology and production capacity, and what is more they should pay more attention to the progress of the science and technology and develop circular economy, thus significantly improving the social, economic and environment interest of the mining machinery manufacturing companies.

In the energy conservation and emission reduction aspect, they should actively conduct energy conservation and emission reduction work.

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