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Comparison of Two Starting Ways of Jaw Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 14 Oct 2012 11:24:52

As the indispensible powder grinding and crushing equipment, the experts both at home and abroad all attach great importance to the research of jaw crusher. The bearing of the jaw crusher has two types: sliding bearing and rolling bearing. The former is more frequently used, and it includes Babbitt metal and brasses. At present, the rolling bearing has more and more application in the crushing machine, and it even has the development tendency of replacing the sliding bearing.

jaw crusher

There are two starting ways of jaw crusher: one is direct starting or one stage starting, which refers that once the main electrical machine is started, the whole driving system will be operated; the other kind is starting the machine by way of destage or segmentation starting.

If a crusher is started in three stages, the detailed starting order is as follows:

1. The main electrical machine drives the belt conveyor to rotate;

2. The belt conveyor will drive the eccentric wheel, connecting rod and the movable jaw to move through the hydraulic friction clutch;

3. The eccentric wheel will drive the flywheel to move through the hydraulic friction clutch.

Since the inertia effect of the swing quality of the connecting rod and the movable jaw of the jaw crusher is relatively big, when directly starting the machine, the starting power consumption of the motor will be huge, which is often three times of the normal crushing power, for this reason, the installation power of the electrical motor will increase. After the machine is started, the electrical motor will run with sub-load, and the power factor of the power supply network will decrease. For this reason, as for the large jaw crusher, it is necessary to install two sets of hydraulic friction clutch, which is reasonable and economical, and this technology has wide application in the crushing machine.

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