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Analysis of the Pyrolysis and Gasification Process of Rotary Kiln

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 23 Aug 2012 06:21:24

On the pyrolysis/gasification and incineration experience device of the self-designed air control hazardous wastes continuous feeding rotary kiln, the mechanical experts of Hongxing Machinery conducted pyrolysis experience research to the typical hazardous wastes fuel residue with high calorific value, and compared the pure pyrolysis experience results with the method of heat chemical equilibrium calculation. The heat chemical equilibrium calculation itself is an ideal process, and it is gained on the premise of presuming the materials react adequately, and it is completely different from the result gained from the real experience results. For this reason, the detailed data has no comparability, but the conclusion of the changing disciplinary of the pyrolysis gas components. At the same time, it proves that the heat chemical equilibrium calculation is an effective thermal disposal prediction method for the hazardous wastes.


Hongxing experts calculated the equilibrium products produced in the pyrolysis, gasification and burning process of the typical hazardous wastes residue with high calorific value with different temperature and different amounts of oxygen, and provided favorable reference basis for the design of actual working conditions.

1. In order make sure that the materials can burn as thorough as possible and minimize the wastes, the working environment of the first burning room can be set above 0.5, and the temperature of the furnace is kept above 700℃, and at the same time, the workers should make sure that adequate staying time should be remained.

2. In order to realize the goal of waste hazard-free treatment, desulfuration and dechlorination measures should be taken in the disposal process.

3. For fear of the emission of large amount of NOx, the workers can consider using the gasification working condition for the chemical reaction, and then after-burning process can be added in the second burning room, and the after-burning temperature should not be below 1100℃.

4. The heat transfer amount of the furnace body under different design working condition should be analyzed according to the reaction heat release picture.

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