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Vicious Influences of High Temperature inside the Cement Mill

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 16 Jul 2012 01:41:58

The cement ball mill is one of the must-have machines in the cement plants. During the powder grinding process, if the workers do a bad job in controlling it, it may cause the temperature inside the mill to rise, and if the temperature exceeds the stipulated range, it will initiate a series of vicious influences:

(1) In order to control the temperature inside the cement ball mill, firstly should control the temperature of the materials that are conveyed into the mill. The temperature of the materials is suitable to control with the same of the room temperature and it is the best not exceeding 50℃. If the temperature of the materials are high, the materials will bring into the mill large amount of heat, combined that when the ball mill is grinding materials, most part of the mechanical energy will transform in to heat, and the temperature of the mill will be consequently high. For this reason, the cement will be attracted by the static electricity and coalesce, and if the coalescence is very series, the cement will stick to the grinding media and the lining board which will decrease the powder grinding efficiency.

(2) The high temperature inside the mill will also cause the gypsum to dehydrate into semi-hydrated gypsum and even into calcium sulfate, and the cement may false condensate which will influence the quality of the cement and what is more the cement that is sent into the cabin may caking. The temperature of the cement delivered from the mill may not exceed 110~120℃ and if the temperature of the cement is high, the packing bag may become crisp and the damaging rate will increase.

(3) The high temperature inside the mill is not good to the ball mill itself. For example, if the temperature of the bearing rises, the lubricating effect will be decreased, and on the other hand, the cylinder may produce some thermal stress which may break the lining board screw.

(4) Another thing that needs to pay attention to is that heat will be produced during the powder grinding process, and as for the large ball mill or when manufacturing cement with high fineness requirement, even the temperature of the clinker fed into the mill, it will lead to the temperature inside the mill to go up and be not good for powder grinding.

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