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Prolong Jaw Crusher Life by Proper Installation

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 12 Jun 2012 08:47:04


Jaw crusher is widely used for rough and medium crushing in mining, building materials and infrastructure construction departments. According to the customer’s requirement, the manufacturing company will design all types of jaw crusher ranging from 150×250 to1200×1500.

During the installation and assembly process of jaw crusher, the crushing plate must be fasted on the jaw plate, and soft metal such as lead or Zinc should be used as a shim between them and fastened by the bolt. When the crusher is working, the crushing plate cannot be loose; otherwise it will break or abrade, thus reducing the service life of the crushing plate. For this reason, it is very important to properly install the crushing plate so as to prolong the service life of the crushing plate.

Improve the crushing equipment during the operating process for the purpose of improving the service life of the crushing plate. During the production process, the crushing plate directly impacts with the materials with huge impacting force. Especially when the materials being crushed are very hard, it will cause vibration of the bolt fastening the crushing plate, which will aggravate the abrasion of the crushing plate and produce huge noises; if it is too serious, the crushing plate may drop or break, thus stopping the machine and influencing normal production. If this situation happens, just screwing up the bolt and the nut before starting the equipment cannot fundamentally solve the problem, but the workers should analyze the specific condition according to the actual situation of the working site and figure out some practical way to solve the problem.

For example, the worker may adopt spring anti-pine damping device to prevent the crushing plate from being loose so as to improving the working efficiency. The detailed operation method is to use the spring to make an anti-pine damping device, which is made up of internal spring gland, spring and external spring gland. Thread this device through the bolt and screw up the nut. Because when the spring is pressed a certain degree by the nut, it will produce strong anti-vibration effect. The bolt loose force produced by the huge crushing force will be automatically compensated by the tensile force of the spring, for this reason, it will be not that easy for the bolt to become loose, thus extending the service life of the crushing plate and improving the production efficiency. In conclusion, the workers should figure out the specific solution to different problems in the operational process in order to prolong the service life of the crushing plate, reduce the operational cost and improve working efficiency.

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