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Operation procedure in whole stone production line

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11 May 2012 05:42:23

General process flow of sand stone production line is that: the materials come through the primary crusher to be coarse crushed. According to the hardness and yield of stone, the secondary crusher can be selected. At last, the materials are processed by sand making machine until the materials become ideal stone particles. The wet sand making machine also asks to be equipped with sand washing which can wash and clean the sand materials. At last the building application sand stone materials can be got and features with cleaning and high quality. The user can process the materials according to the actual conditions.

The general equipments in sand and stone production line are jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and belt conveyor. Zhengzhou Hongxing Machine produces crushers. Selecting crushing and sieving equipments can bring higher interests for you.

Cone crusher is used for crushing materials and can produce the needed final crushing products accurately, efficiently and reliably. Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery highly recommends hydraulic cone crusher to be used in sand making production line.

Cone crusher is widely used in sand and stone industries, such as mines and cement plants. It is used for medium or fine crushing all kinds of mined stones whose pressure is under 350 MPa, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ores, limestone, sand rock, basalt, granite, pebbles, etc.

In the basic construction sand and stone processing, compared with other crushers, hydraulic cone crusher features incomparable advantages:

Firstly, the hydraulic cone crusher adopts hydraulically driving arrangement and hydraulic start-up equipment, which can greatly improve the rotor speed and enhance the crusher protection performance.

Secondly, the hydraulic cone crusher adopts hydraulic adjusting device so that the adjustment and cavity cleaning and automation degree can be enhanced.

Thirdly, there are many kinds of crushing cavities, which can adapt a wide range of product grain size requirements.

Fourthly, hydraulic insurance system is convenient and reliable and can provide safe and effective overload protection.

Finally, the hydraulic cone crusher has rational structure and advanced crushing principle and technical parameters. The hydraulic cone crusher features with large crushing force, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, low operating cost and high yields, etc.

HPC series characteristic:

Full hydraulic overload insurance, material entrance adjustment and cleaning operations

All partial set rotation and speed equilibrium

Smooth spiral wheel or straight tooth transmission

Optional optimum combination, including set rotation and rotating speed, rolling mortar wall and crushing wall, maximized high quality products and the least waste.

The design of the cone crusher can make the machine keep the normal operation day by day, and the machine can continue to work with the moderate load until scheduled shutdown moment.

Good automatic control function design can be integrated into any existing automation programs automation programs commodiously

Careful design, the simple operation, convenient maintenance

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