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Top Three Factors to Buy Stone Equipments

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 07 Apr 2012 12:49:14

With the recent new TCC Group have started construction sand and gravel production line in Guizhou, Sichuan, more and more customers to consult the general contracting project of Zhengzhou Hongxing gravel consulted a number of customers for the recentopen field use of medium-sized stone equipment, with more than ten years of aggregate production line equipment and production process configuration experience ZhengzhouRedstar engineering Co., Ltd. sand and gravel project Department given the following recommendations:

1. Choose rich experience with the configuration of equipment manufacturers

Generally sred staring, the configuration of the sand and gravel production line, mainly composed of feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, conveyor belts, round vibrating screen and other equipment, and specific production process manufacturers rich device configuration experience in order to develop, because the configuration of the production process to consider many factors, such as material properties, topography, production capacity, angle and length of the belt conveyor, and many years of complete sets of sandstone aggregate production equipment configuration experience in the production process in the late will appear broken equipment capacity cannot take full advantage of the lack of transmission capacity, feed to plug a series of questions.

2, field trips related to aggregate production line.

All have many years experience of the manufacturers of aggregate production line configuration must have already built the production line, the choice of the production equipment of the quarry, better go to the manufacturers of construction sand and gravel production line to visit, especially in production and material and similar sand production line, on the one hand, to choose their own devices have a reference, on the other hand on broken equipment manufacturers will want to select the configuration of the production line quality checks.

3, focusing on the choice of energy saving equipment and production processes

Energy saving and environmental protection equipment will become a major trend for the future, while the majority of our companies are still using the traditional sand and gravel production line operations, which will soon have been stopped due to serious environmental protection and pollution and other factors, Zhengzhou red star engineering the company already has a fully enclosed operating a loader of sand and gravel production line configuration capability, new TCC two sand and gravel production line is still under construction, but this is not only the future direction of development, is a shortcut to save the post-investment.

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