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Ball Mills Are About to Experience Great Transformation

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 19 May 2014 08:19:06

ball mills

It’s reported that the industrial enterprises consume 70% of the whole society’s energy which causes much pressure to the social resources. Therefore, it’s very necessary for manufacturers to put the energy conservation and emission reduction into practice.

Data shows that ball mills used in the mining machinery industry consume 40%-50% of the power needed in the production process; ball mills applied in the cement industry cost 70% of the total power. Among the total national power, ball mills all over the country will take up 2%. This results in serious energy and material consumption.

As China gets short of quality coal and minerals, materials with poor quality are put to use in the industrial production, thus decreasing the crushing efficiency of ball mills. Through continuous technical and product innovation, our company researches and develops an entire series of high efficient ball mills. Compared with the traditional one, the new ball mill can save electricity as much as 30%-40%, increase 5%-30% of the production and reduce 50% of the consumption of wear resistance castings.

China has been the second country that consumes the most resources and energy in the world. To push the national economic structure adjustment and change the economic growth, China starts to stick to the policy of energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection, so it’s true that ball mills and other mining machines will experience great transformation from now on.

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