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Relationships between Ball Diameter and Ball Mill Output

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11 Nov 2013 06:12:21

In boiler pulverizing system in thermal power plant, ball mill is one of the main coal grinding equipment. The ball diameter of ball mill has a greater impact on output or productivity of ball mill, the smaller ball diameter is, the larger grinding surface area it will be; the larger grinding surface area it is, the better grinding effect it will be, the greater output or productivity the ball mill will have. However, the steel ball with too small diameter will have small crushing power, resulting in relatively larger abrasion of steel ball.

ball mill

When the quality of coal power plant fueled with is stable, that is, the type of coal is constant, steel ball diameter of ball mill is closely related with coal crushing ability of ball mill, which is main factor affecting the output or productivity of ball mill.

According to breaking laws, the surface area of to-be-crushed-material is proportional to its bearable crushing gravity. In the ball mill, the number of coal particle is infinite, and steel balls hit coal particle when it was point contact, so if use a huge ball to hit it, the area of thrust surface will be very limited. If we replace the big steel ball by small steel ball with same total weight, the area of thrust surface will be increased and energy transfer will be wider, so the transfer efficiency will be higher.

In the case of the permitted coal and grain size, using smaller steel balls you can increase the smash and grinding surface in coal grinding process, thus significantly increase the output or productivity of ball mill. For steel ball, if a variety of other parameters are fixed, only the diameter of it is changed, the output or productivity of ball mill is inversely proportional to the square root of steel ball diameter.

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