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Research on the Performance Indexes of Ball Mill

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 01 Jul 2012 07:12:55

The working performance indexes of the ball mill mainly include the ore grinding efficiency, energy consumption, steel consumption and the energy utilization rate. The ore grinding efficiency is corresponding to the available power, and the value of the best ore grinding efficiency and the respective working parameters and the working parameters when the available power reaches the highest, for this reason, the available power is often used as the index of measuring the grinding efficiency. Because the quality of the materials in the grinding machines is different under different working conditions, it is more accurate using the specific power (the power consumed by the materials in unit mass) to measure the ore grinding efficiency. The steel consumption is mainly caused by the abrasion of the lining board and the grinding media. The abrasion of the lining board not only increases the steel consumption, and the lining board which is abraded will greatly change the hoisting ability of the grinding media, at this time, it is necessary to stop the machine and change the lining board, but frequent changing the lining board will inevitably reduce the production capacity.

The working performance indexes of energy and steel consumption and the production efficiency has close relationship with the factors of filling ratio, ratio of the balls and the materials, rotary speed of the ball mill, type number of the lining board. Only by researching the relationship of the working performance index of the ball mill and the factors of ore grinding can provide environment for the best working conditions of the ore grinding.

In the ball mill, the crushing ratio of the particles is determined by the size of the impacting energy and impacting frequency. For this reason, the research on the distribution of the impacting energy is important work to predict the particle crushing and the particle distribution of the crushed particles. Lining board is the key component of the ball mill, and it is also the easiest-wearing part and the abrasion rate of the lining board is related with the energy consumed by the impacting of the particles and the lining board, for this reason, reducing the proportion of the energy consumed by the impacting of the materials and the lining board in the total energy consumption has important significance to the reduction of the abrasion rate of the lining board. Optimization of the parameters such as the shape and the number of the lining board will not only adjust the movement trial of the materials, but reduce the steel consumption of the lining board, extend its service life, thus improving the ore grinding efficiency and production efficiency.

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