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Influences of the Rotary Speed of Powder Grinding Mill on Its Efficiency

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 07 Dec 2012 10:42:42

The rotary speed of the powder grinding mill is relative to the different processed materials because the processing degree of different materials is different, and its rotary speed will be different. The powder grinding mill operators should skillfully grasp the processing efficiency and the processing fineness with different rotary speed, and adjust the rotary speed according to different processing requirements. Generally speaking the rotary speed of the medium-rate powder grinding mill is 120-300 d/min.

Raymond mill

Influences of the rotary speed of the powder grinding mill on its efficiency are as follows:

When the powder grinding conditions are the same, the powder grinding effect of the machine with different rotary rate will be different. Generally speaking, if the powder grinding machine runs with low speed, it mainly grinds the materials. Since the impacting force is small, the materials will fall naturally, and through grinding by the roller, so that this rotary rate is suitable for superfine powder processing.

When the rotary rate of the powder grinding mill is over high, the impacting force of the machine will be high, so that the materials will be not easy to fall on the roller, and the materials will mainly rely on the impacting force of the grinding machine to be crushed, for this reason, this rotary speed is mainly suitable for processing coarse powders. The main equipment that adopts this processing method includes Raymond mill and high pressure suspension mill.

From the above analysis we can see that the grinding effect of the machine produced with different rotary speed is different.

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