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Powder Grinding Mill, Clinker Grinding Station, Micro Machine

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 07 Oct 2012 08:16:23

Clinker grinding station is mainly used in grinding cement finished products and materials, which also is used in the industries of the metallurgical, chemical, electricity and other industrial and mining enterprise and other grinding various ore materials grinding. Grinding can be used to open streams, and the composition and the separator flow grinding circle also can do the same.

Dust catcher has a strong adaptability of materials to production, broke rate large, easy to spread grinding fitness of production and so on. The powder grinding mill can greatly absorb the slag, fly ash, cinder, coal gangue and other industrial waste, which is a green industry. The dust collector provided by our country adopts the simplest process flow, with the advantages of easy to operation, at least process equipment, low investment, energy-saving and environmental protection; what’s more, it can be mixed with more materials. Weak magnetic minerals belong to paramagnetic material, and do not have magnetic domain structures. And it has stronger magnetism than magnet, which is not related to the shape and size of magnetite, and its composition and structure are included in it.

powder grinding mill

Advantages of Powder Grinding Mill

a. Stable performance

b. its sturdy and durable

c. High quality materials

d. Exquisite workmanship

e. Efficient tool for grinding materials into fine powder

f. Wide applicability for materials

g. Reliable performance, less downtime

h. Durable easy-wear parts, easy maintenance

i. Simple operation

The Application of Coal Powder Kiln

Coal powder kiln is rotary cylinder equipment for burning various materials. It is widely used in economic fields. In cement industry, rotary kiln is the major equipment of burning raw cement into clinker; in chemical industry, rotary kiln can produce slates, burn phosphor fertilizer and barium supplied, etc.; in metallurgy industry, it is used to produce aluminum hydroxide. It can be used for drying many kinds of materials limestone slag, coal powder, slag, clay stone. Its highest temperature can reach 1600-1700 degree.

Clinker Grinding Station

Performance Characteristics of GGBS Production Line

The ggbs production line which is also called ggbfs production line and slag powder production line has many advantages as the followings.

1. The big increasing ratio of the output.

2. The ability to save the electric power is larger.

3. The lower pollution

4. The effect of grinding is better.

5. The way to maintenance is easy.

The Advantages of Micro Powder Grinding Mill

1. Low power consumption

2. High efficiency

3. High precision

4. Lower rotating speed

5. Large output

6. Structural interviews

7. The micro powder mill (powder machine) can make a closed or open circuit system with the machines such as impact mill, Raymond mill and jet mill.

8. Negative pressure production, no dust pollution and good environment

9. High level of automatic, better stability and easy operation

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